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London Watch Show – July 2014

In July this year the London Watch Show was attended by 700 professionals from the industry and showcased 48 brands. Including first time brands to the UK market and globally recognised giants. This year Vetor chose this event to reveal a complete rebrand for their organisation including their watch line. This shows how important an event […]

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Woweee!  Wedding Season is well and truly in full swing!  As all brides (and hopefully all you helpful Grooms) will know the smallest details make such an impact at any wedding, whether it be the decoration choices, the detail on the brides dress or the flavour of the cake, each element plays its own special […]

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Will Wearable Technology Make You a Better Business Owner?

You dreamed of the day when you would no longer be able to separate your work from your life, and well, it’s finally here. Smartphones and tablets kicked off the addiction to working on-the-go, and the inevitable fusion of work with life. With the emergence of more and more wearable technology, ranging from smartwatches to […]

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Watches.  Do you wear them or do you rely on the technology around you to tell the time?  Anything from the oven in the kitchen, the computer at your desk to the iPhone in your pocket, everyone has a means of telling time, without having to wear a wristwatch. A quality time piece has long […]

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Women and Big Watches

Are Big watches on a woman cool? Well I think so. I always admire a well dressed woman who either wear a) their husbands watch, or b) have chosen to purchase a man’s watch. You tend to see it on the wealthy set who are generally confident and dress to impress and wear the likes […]

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